Classical Wellness

Creating space for mental wellness in classical music

By Jalayne Mitchell


If you're a classical musician who struggles with anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, and/or regular negative feelings related to your musical journey, this place is for you. Classical Wellness is a space created to integrate more mental wellness into our music lives, so we can do the work that is required of us without sacrificing our basic needs. 

Many of us know that in order to succeed, we need to put in a lot of time and energy. What we aren't being taught is how to create balance between our wellbeing and our work. Devoting every second of your time and every ounce of your energy to your music is not what makes a healthy musician, even if that is what we want to believe. Knowing how to take care of ourselves WHILE putting in the work is the key to a happy and healthy career.

Avoid injuries, avoid burnout, and learn how to create a music life that you wont need to escape from.