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A science-backed, fool-proof method to mentally prepare for performances.

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Learning how to play well consistently is a must for aspiring musicians. 

When we play better, we feel better (and vice versa)

The difference between pro musicians and the amateurs is that they know how to work with their nerves. They can play well regularly because they are aware of their habits, and have tools to help them consistently handle their performance anxiety.  


This brand new digital guide is going to help YOU get there too. 

This guide is for musicians who:


  • Get severe symptoms of anxiety under pressure

  • Make mistakes in performances that they never make in practice 

  • Have negative thoughts that overtake their mind (when they should be focusing on the music)

  • Feel like the amount of mistakes they make is directly attached to how good they are as a musician

  • Want to be more comfortable and connected during performances but don’t know where to start

A study by Help Musicians UK surveyed 3,000 musicians, and found that over 70% deal with anxiety and/or depression. We aren't being taught how to handle these anxieties, nerves, and fears in a concrete and secure way - especially when it comes to performing. 
The Mental Prep Guide for Performances will help you perform with confidence, security, and comfort. You no longer have to go on stage just hoping for the best. 



UNCOVER your biggest fears around performing

CREATE an attainable, no BS action plan to repeat before every performance

TEST give your new action plan a test drive and adjust what needs adjusting

REPEAT for every single performance!!

Say goodbye to surprise mistakes, debilitating shaky bows and memory slips. 

The Creator

Jalayne is a cellist in her fourth year at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Since she took her first lesson a month before her 15th birthday, she has been deeply involved with music. Within 2.5 years, she had gone from beginner to degree-level cellist. Her practice life has been intense and relentless. Starting at this seemingly late age turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because the unhealthy indoctrinations of the classical music world were not as ingrained into her as many of her peers. It was easy for her to see that many fellow musicians were losing the battle between mental wellness and music.  She knew that having to choose between the two was not right or sustainable.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

She’s now played with named ensembles like the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (Glasgow, Scotland), The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (Glasgow, Scotland), The Scottish Ensemble (Glasgow, Scotland), Seattle Collaborative Orchestra (Seattle, Washington), Scottish Ensemble (Glasgow), and Brodsky Quartet (Glasgow). In 2022, Jalayne was awarded the Beatrice Huntington Award for Cellists (UK) and the NIMAN Fellowship at the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival (US). 


When she finished the 100 Days of Practice Challenge in June 2020, she decided that helping fellow musicians create a healthy and sustainable practice plan for themselves was imperative to the classical community’s overall mental health.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

After years of struggling with burnout and chronic performance anxiety, she tried to find a more holistic approach to practicing. She eventually created a practice routine that GAVE her energy, not depleted it. Being able to put in the hours while also being able to live a life outside of music was a type of freedom that she hadn’t experienced before, and she definitely will not go back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mental health and wellness remains among Jalayne’s top priorities. Her goal is to share her findings with as many people as she can, because the future of classical music depends on it.                                                                                                                                 

If you have questions, email Jalayne at and we will add common questions to an FAQ list!

Jalayne is not a mental health professional. She is a full time musician who spent years figuring out systems, habits, and processes that work for her in order to integrate more mental wellness into her life. She is selling guides on how to do this for yourself, and this is not a replacement for therapy or mental health guidance. 
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